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Welcome To Year 5 - 5CC, 5MM and 5QB

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Our year...

Packed with exciting learning experiences, Year 5 begins with Who Let the Gods Out? - learning about daily life in Ancient Greece through Greek myths and legends as well as participating in a Grecian soldier training day. The children design and make their own Greek vases – a messy but enjoyable activity!

Earth and Space is a particularly fascinating science topic and the children are enthralled by our visit to the South Downs Planetarium.

In the spring, our topic shifts to Song of Freedom where we will travel from slave ship to freedom road, discovering the secrets of the transatlantic slave trade and how some very inspirational people in history helped to shape our modern culture. This topic is rich in cross- curricular learning through songs as well as designing and sewing freedom quilt squares.

In the summer term, our learning focus is encapsulated by our Changes topic, beginning with our history focus about the Victorians - what we have learnt from them and how our lives have changed since then, enhanced by a visit to Preston Manor. The children are immersed in some fascinating science and geography, learning about life cycles and coastlines. We hatch butterflies in class - a highlight of Year 5.  ‘Bike-it to the Beach’ gives us the opportunity to explore the rock-pools and discuss the formation and biodiversity of the coastline, both close to home and overseas.

Mathematics learning is creative and engaging. There are opportunities to programme and design in computing, to take part in a wide range of PE activities, including swimming, and a comprehensive programme of PSHE Education.

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