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Inspiring and motivating each other to enrich lives
If you are looking for a school place at a school that places a strong emphasis on sport, music and the Arts, call 01273 565570 to arrange a tour of the school. Currently, we have spaces in all year groups.
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Key Messages Monday 2nd October 2023

In our most recent parent/carer communication survey, 93.13% of respondents (131 in total) stated that they were happy with how Stanford Junior School provides for their child, with 91.60% stating that they would recommend the school to other families. How fantastic is that!

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Thank you to our parent/carer community, led by the PTFA, for transforming children's playtimes.


Monday 2nd October
Year 3 - PE at BHASVIC field

Tuesday 3rd October
Year 5 - PE at BHASVIC field

Wednesday 4th October
3LC and 3JD to Booth Museum

Thursday 5th October
5CC Swimming
Year 4 - PE at BHASVIC field

Friday 6th October 
Year 6 - PE at BHASVIC field
Year 6 - Virtual reality space expoloration

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