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Mathematics: Mr Persaud and Mr English.

The national curriculum for mathematics places a strong emphasis on developing fluency, reasoning and problem solving. It also demonstrates a commitment to a mastery curriculum and we are dedicated to broadening and deepening children's mathematical understanding.

While mathematics may be taught discretely, project-based learning and rich mathematical tasks and contexts (including cross-curricular links and connections) support the teaching of mathematics in a lively, engaging and structured manner. Mathematics lessons can include practical work, investigation and mathematical games. The school aims to develop every child's mathematical skills, with a strong focus on fluent and efficient mental and written calculation strategies to support problem solving.

As the school is committed to raising standards and developing every child's self-esteem, the children are taught in fluid groups (we do not set our children) and targeted teaching focuses on individual needs.

Click this link to access Stanford Junior School's mathematics curriculum.


The photos show various designs as part of learning about linear sequences, pattern spotting and algebra. The children thoroughly enjoyed designing three stages of the linear sequence (growing pattern) and were able to generate a formula to predict the next term in the sequence.

Children are understanding cubed numbers through building them. Other practical maths involves measuring angles and investigating angles on a straight line and around a point.

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