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PPA 2018

Our PPA team...

Each week, year group teams meet to plan, prepare and assess the effectiveness of teaching and learning and the progress that the children are making. This is referred to as planning, preparation and assessment time (PPA).

During PPA time, teaching and learning is supported as follows.

Mrs Graimes is the school’s music and performing arts coordinator. In addition to teaching the national curriculum for music, Mrs Graimes leads weekly singing assemblies and organises musical events. She also ensures that our children continue to have an opportunity to learn the recorder in Year 3 – a follow on from Stanford Infant School.

Mr Richards, as well as being a talented artist and avid supporter of the Children’s Parade, has a passion for religious education (RE) – a statutory requirement. Mr Richards leads regular assemblies, with a focus on spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.

We are aslo lucky to have Mr Shaw as an additional teacher. Mr Shaw also works in close partnership with Mr Marshall to develop the school’s PME and sports provision, ensuring that this is planned to meet the needs of all children. Mr Shaw leads a number of after school sports clubs as well as a range of physical activity during lunchtimes. Mr Shaw and Mr Marshall organise all sporting events and competitions.

During teachers' PPA, Mr Shaw teaches PME.


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