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Welcome From The Inclusion Team

SEN 2018

Our Inclusion team...

The inclusion team at Stanford Junior School is made up of our inclusion coordinator, two learning mentors and a number of individual needs assistants.

The team works both within and beyond the classroom with individual children and small groups.

The team's remit is to work with children in school who need additional support to engage fully in school life. This includes children with special educational needs and disabilities, children with emotional needs and those with English as an additional language. 

We recognise that children may develop additional needs at any stage of their school lives and that this can fluctuate. Support may be needed for a short time or over their whole school experience. We aim for a fluid and flexible system. Robust assessment and clear communication are central to the identification of additional need and in planning for appropriate provision. We recognise the central importance of partnership with you as parents and carers and the team will involve you fully in any decisions about your child.

The team runs regular meetings and workshops for parents and carers and constantly seek to further improve communication to ensure that it is both efficient and effective.

The team benefits from the advice and support of a range of external agencies and is constantly seeking to develop knowledge and expertise in supporting children with a wide range of needs. In addition to an ongoing focus on children with specific learning difficulties, dyslexia and language difficulties, the team continues to develop staff capacity in the areas of autism, attachment and emotional wellbeing.

Members of the team are always available and happy to talk.

If you have any concerns about your child, please telephone or email a member of the inclusion team via the school office.


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