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Summer Term Home Learning. Week 13. 20.7.20

Year 3. Week 13. 20.7.20

Year 4. Week 13. 20.7.20

Year 5. Week 13. 20.7.20

Summer Term Home Learning. Week

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our Year 3 children, Year 4 children and new intake of Year 2 children into school this week to support their tranistion to a new school year.

Please find the planning and resources to support home learning for the week commencing Monday 13th July in the year group sections below.

Year 3. Week 12. 13.7.20

Year 4. Week 12. 13.7.20

Year 5. Week 12. 13.7.20

Year 6. Week 12. 13.7.20

Summer Term Home Learning. Week 11. 6.7.20

Please find the planning and resources to support home learning for the week commencing Monday 6th July in the year group sections below.

Dear parents/carers,

As you will have heard, the government has announced that all pupils are to return to school in September. We are delighted that this is the case and look forward to welcoming all children, including those transitioning to Year 3, back to school after the summer break.

There will be some changes to the school day and we continue the planning process. We are required to update our risk assessment accordingly. The risk assessment that supported a wider re-opening of the school to Year 6 pupils is on the website and can be found under the tab: Information; Whole School Information; Parent/Carer; B&H Stanford Junior School Covid-19 RA 10.6.20.pdf.

Main changes are likley to be:

- A staggered start to the school day. This will take account of school staff with children and so start times for individual classes or year groups will be informed by this.
- Whole classes, or possibly year groups, operating as bubbles to minimise contact with others. This will include organising break times and lunch times so that not all children are outside at the same time.
- Lunches eaten in classrooms, as opposed to the main hall. For the time being it is likely that Caterlink will only be providing packed lunches and there will be no hot lunch option.
- No whole school gatherings for the time being.

I have been informed that Class of their Own (our after school childcare providers) will be operational in September. They will also be running a five week holiday club during the school holidays and have already shared details with parents/carers.

At the moment, I am unsure as to our position regarding after school clubs run by school staff and other external providers and will seek clarity around this.

Protective measures, including regular handwashing and good hygiene, will remain in place.

We will need the support of parents/carers to ensure that everyone is kept safe.

This will include:

- Keeping children off school if they are unwell or show any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19.
- Keeping the school updated if any member of their immediate family becomes unwell with symptoms of Covid-19.
- Engaging with Covid-19 testing and test, track and trace as appropriate.
- Understanding that there may be some disruption to school if staff present as being unwell or if their is a confirmed case of Covid-19 within school. Should this happen, Stanford Junior School will do all that it can to ensure the continuity of the school day and will follow advice issued by Brighton & Hove and Public Health England.

Distance learning.

Thank you to pupils and parents/carers who have fully engaged with our distance learning offer. Having liaised with many Brighton & Hove primary schools during this time, I remain satisfied that our offer continues to be a good offer and would like to thank school staff for all of their efforts to ensure that our curriculum continues to be made available, supported by relevant resources. There have been some fantastic examples of teaching staff personalising provision based on feedback from parents/carers and we remain grateful to those parents who have continued to support their children's learning in way that they have chosen and which suit individual family circumstances. Thank you to teachers for sharing recording of themselves addressing their classes, reading to the children, setting additional tasks and challenges, recording sequences of learning.

As we continue to learn to live alongside Covid-19, there is always a possibility of a local lockdown at some point in the future. Should this happen, we have been looking into how we can further develop our home learning provision. Our current means of communicating with pupils has been through the use of Class Dojo and, where pupils, parents and staff have engaged fully, this has been effective. In the event of a local lockdown, our expectation will be that all pupils, supported by their families, engage mor fully with their learning and are provided with regular opportunities to communicate directly with class teachers.

I was hoping that Microsoft Teams could be used to enable class teachers to connect with small groups of pupils during the latter half of the summer term but later learned that Microsoft Teams has been procured by Brighton & Hove to support internal communication, including communication across Brighton & Hove's family of schools.

We have responded to the government's offer to provide every school with an approved platform to support distance learning and we are in the process of setting this up in school. This should provide a better means of communication and better support teachers to further improve our home learning offer.

I will keep you updated as things continue to change and evolve. In the interim, do contact school staff via the school office if you have any questions, worries or concerns. Do encourage your child to direct message their class teacher who will respond to their message.

With best wishes.


Paul Davis
Head Teacher
Stanford Junior School.

Year 3. Week 11. 6.7.20

Year 4. Week 11. 6.7.20.

Year 5. Week 11. 6.7.20.

Year 6. Week 11. 6.7.20.

Summer Term Home learning. Week 10. 29.6.20

Dear parents/carers, you will now have received a letter inviting your child into class for a morning or an afternoon session with their current class teacher followed by a morning or an afternoon session with their new teacher for September.

Year 3. Week 10. 29.6.20

Year 4. Week 10. 29.6.20

Year 5. Week 10. 29.6.20

Year 6. Week 10. 29.06.20

Summer Term Home Learning. Week 9. 22.6.20

Dear parents/carers, please find planning and resources for each year group. Last week, we welcomed our Year 6 children back into school. Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education, announced on Friday that the government's hope is to welcome all children back to school in September. As a recent communication confirmed, we are looking to welcome children in Years 3-5 back in to school for the equivalent of a school day with half a day spent with their current class teacher and half a day (the next day) spent with their new teacher for September. We are also planning to support children's transition from Year 2 to Year 3. We will confirm the provisional dates as soon as we can. Children in Year 6 will remain in school on the days.

Year 3. Week 9. 22.6.20

Year 4. Week 9. 22.6.20

Year 5. Week 9. 22.6.20.

Year 6. Week 9. 22.6.20

Summer Term Home Learning. Week 8. 15.6.20

Please find planning and resources organised by year group to support home learning. Teachers are eagerly awaiting to hear from your child via Class Dojo where they can post their learning and receive feeback from their class teacher. Please email the school office if you have not already signed up to Class Dojo and wish to do so.

Year 3. Week 8. 15.6.20

Villa Lobos lesson 2 and 3.mp3Mr Marshall piano.mp3

Year 4. Week 8. 15.6.20

Year 5. Week 8. 15.6.20.

Year 6. Week 8. 15.6.20.

Summer Term Home Learning. Week 7. 8.6.20

On Thursday 4th June, Brighton & Hove advised all schools to remain closed, other than to children of key workers, for the time being. A letter from Brighton & Hove was emailed to all parents/carers to explain the reasons behind this decision. School staff continue to prepare for a wider re-opening of Stanford Junior School to Year 6 pupils. Further information will be issued when we are in aposition to do so.

Year 3. Week 7. 8.6.20.

Year 4. Week 7. 8.6.20.

Year 5. Week 7. 8.6.20.

Year 6. Week 7. 8.6.20.

Summer Term Home Learning. Week 6. 1.6.20.

On Friday, parents/carers were sent a letter from the head teacher and co-chairs of the governing body providing further information on the partial re-opening of schools from June. We will update you with further information this week once we have had feedback from Brighton & Hove on the risk assessment that we were required to submit to them and which was sent last week. Thank you.

Year 3. Week 6. 1.6.20.

Year 4. Week 6. 1.6.20.

Year 5. Week 6. 1.6.20.

Year 6. Week 6. 1.6.20.

Summer Term Home Learning. Week 5. 18.5.20

Year 3. Week 5. 18.5.20.


Year 4. Week 5. 18.5.20.

Year 5. Week 5. 18.5.20.

Year 6. Week 5. 18.5.20

Summer Term Home Learning. Week 1. 20.4.20

Year 3


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