Welcome To Our School

Extracts from the school's OFSTED inspection report,

May 2014:

"The school is a happy and cohesive community. Pupils are keen to learn and they enjoy school. They behave very well and feel safe and secure." 

"Pupils achieve well because the quality of teaching over time is good... and some is outstanding"

"Teachers plan lessons which are stimulating and fun, so that pupils enjoy learning."

"Pupils make very rapid progress in reading.......pupils enjoy reading very much and talk about books with enthusiasm and pleasure. Attainment in reading has been above average for the last three years and has been substantially higher than the national average for the last two years."

"Pupils’ attainment in mathematics has been substantially higher than the national average, and rising, for the past three years."

"..... pupils’ progress in writing has accelerated rapidly, particularly in the older year groups."

"The pupils .... are courteous, keen to learn and behave well in lessons and when moving around the school. Pupils work together cooperatively and listen to each other with respect. They are sensitive to the needs of others and look after their friends well."

A Welcome Message from the new interim Headteacher 

Dear Parents and Carers,

A huge thank you for helping to get the new school year off to a wonderful start.

It has been lovely having opportunities to chat with you and your children at the school gate and out on the playground. The children have been delightful – talkative, polite and curious to find out more about their new headteacher. As for getting to know all of the children’s names… shall we say that this is still work in progress?

Thank you to all of you who have demonstrated a commitment to the school’s uniform policy, a copy of which can be seen in the school’s prospectus. (See parent section of our website). We do encourage ‘neat appearance,’ an opportunity for children to take a pride in themselves, their school and their work.

Whilst I appreciate that there will be the occasional fashion trend, or fashion statement, that creeps into school, we will monitor these carefully and attend to them as and when it is deemed necessary. Children are easily led by the actions of their friends and peers and, to ensure fairness for all, we would appreciate your support regarding this.

I am really looking forward to getting into the children’s classrooms, which I plan to start next week. This will be an opportunity to continue to get to know the children better and how they learn. I am also planning the launch of an updated newsletter – Stanford Times. At the moment, my plan is to issue this fortnightly and to place a greater emphasis on the exciting learning opportunities that children at our school have access to. I will release further information soon, so watch this space.

I have already seen a couple of responses to the Headteacher Banana Challenge. Tom, in 4S was photographed at an event that he attended over the weekend playing a banana piano that his mum said ‘actually worked.’ Spike, in 3C, baked the most beautiful looking banana loaf (nut free). Mr Cappuccini has offered to cut this into pieces and hand it out to children in 3C, after school today and with parental consent.

Finally, a reminder that a number of children throughout the school have nut allergies. As a ‘nut free’ school, we ask that you are extra vigilant and check the content of any food items contained in your child’s lunchbox or sent into school.


Paul Davis
Interim Headteacher


Please click here to view our School Mission Statement.

Please click here to see an FAQ sheet about BHASVIC playing field. There is also an update on the future of BHASVIC playing field under Information for Parents on the "For Parents" section on the left.

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We would like to share with you some of the things that our parents have said about Stanford Junior School recently:

“Our daughter was made to feel so welcome when she started at Stanford Junior School. She has managed to achieve at such a high level and has enjoyed her time so much that she is sad to leave.”

“Our son has had a great year with a super teacher; we all appreciate her enthusiasm and sense of fun!”

“His teacher obviously knows our son very well; thank you for making his year so enjoyable.  We are amazed at how much work he has completed and how well he has done over the past year!”

“We have noticed how much you have enabled our daughter to engage in her work at school, she has been so well motivated because of the fantastic teaching and interesting work.”

“Thanks so much to our son’s teacher for putting so much effort into his teaching. He loves school and has a huge range of interests thanks to the lovely atmosphere, and the fun/creative teaching at Stanford Junior School.”

“Thank you to everyone involved in the wonderful revamped pick-and-mix style homework - it caused genuine excitement here at home and I hope it's been just as well-received throughout the school. Thanks!”